The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease


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When we are in chronic stress, the mind perceives we are not safe. Consequently, stress hormones cause the immune system to shut down to preserve energy in order for us to run away. This is referred to as the ‘Fight OR Flight’ Response which is a protection mechanism to keep us safe. Only if we come out of stress and fear, our mind & body perceives that we are safe again, and hence cells are being replaced, a process necessary to sustain life. This is referred to as the ‘Growth’ Response. In order to recover from dis-ease (imbalance between mind and body) we must firstly get out of fear (protection mode) and move toward a higher vibration of love (growth response). The SEC Film ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’ is the world’s first easy-to-use visualisation tool in the form of a 3 minute video which stimulates the viewer’s perception and thereby creates an environment for the genes to move from protection (fight OR flight response) back to growth response whilst embedded positive healing affirmations (NLP) that are being absorbed on a conscious and subconscious level to promote the placebo effect to work effectively.
This SEC Film is a gentle self-development tool suitable for all ages. All SEC Films are backed by the latest research and findings in Neuroscience (Neuroplasticity) and Epigenetics (Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.), Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and more. All SEC Films in ‘The Climb’ series use the powerful ‘Self-Empowerment Cinematography’ (SEC) modality.