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Digital Health for Mental and Physical Health Support

The SEC films are digital health technology products due to combining brain training with first-person video exposure therapy. This new brain training method transforms lives rapidly and successfully being a convenient and practical intervention, either used on its own or as a complementary solution to improve physical and mental health.  It has proven to reduce anxiety and fears including certain phobias.

Dental Anxiety and Phobia by Dr. Ian Davies, BDSc (Hon) (Qld)​

Co-productions and Evidence-based Testing

A variety of SEC films are a co-production with Use Your Powers preferred industry partners, clinicians, and coaches – please refer to coproducer in the description bubble on the SEC film covers. The SEC films have already achieved world first breakthroughs in various health sectors and Use Your Powers continue their research and testing with MDs and health professionals for other clinical applications.

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If you are brand new to our site, or brand new to the SEC films generally, then we have a few key pages which you can read to educate yourself, learn more about the SEC films, about how they can help you to improve your life and how best to use them.

Our Mission

Use Your Powers is passionate about enabling people to reach their goals and dreams. Our mission is to be the leading provider of life transforming technology which closes the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. Our brain transforming technologies are helping you to overcome the obstacles in your way to achieve your fullest potential and living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Our scientifically proven methods are helping you to transform to become a Better You in your life with an everlasting impact on you, your loved ones and the world around you!

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My Story

Regina’s History:
I know all about adversity, setbacks and resilience. In 2009, due to the impact of the global financial crises on my business in the luxury industry, I had no choice but to change direction and embarked on a new life-path in the life coaching industry studying ‘Millionaires Philosophy’ and Success. In the same year, my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer for the 2nd time. On the journey to help my mother fight her cancer, I submerged myself in thorough research of alternative cancer therapies and counselling therapies. I drew on my attained knowledge on the subconscious mind, success principles and applied concepts from Psychology, Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton Ph.D. (Biology/Quantum Physics of Belief), Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity in conjunction with a thoroughly researched visualization technique by Dr. O. Carl Simonton (intern. acclaimed oncologist) when I created the SEC Films ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’ and ‘The Secret to Success’ using the powerful Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) film modality. ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’ is the first SEC Film in ‘The Climb’ series which promotes recovery from chronic dis-ease with applied therapies and concepts that have been tested by myself personally and are backed by clinical peer-reviewed research publications and the new sciences.


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