The Secret to Reduce Impact from COVID-19

A crisis such as the COVID-19 outbreak can lead to conscious and subconscious fear and anxiety due to several concerns including contracting the virus and the likelihood of surviving, loss of income, coping with self-isolation and much more. The sudden increase in stress can impede our ability to remain calm and balanced during such challenging times of uncertainty. This SEC film will assist you to eliminate conscious and subconscious fear and anxiety, prevent the stress response compromising your immune system and reduce causes leading to a possible cytokine storm. Furthermore, due to renewed confidence it will significantly improve your coping abilities, regain mental and emotional balance, leaving you empowered and more resilient including when facing additional and/or future challenges.

The Secret to Dissolve Fear & Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can significantly interfere with your life, hold you back from goal attainment, cause procrastination, self-sabotage, impact your physical health and mental wellbeing and cause emotional overwhelm triggered by a crises or stress at home or work, traumatic life experiences, relationship issues, and much more. In many cases, the underlying core emotion is fear of failure or fear of loss (conscious and subconscious) combined with the lack of confidence that you can master the challenges ahead. This SEC film will assist you to eliminate conscious and subconscious fear and anxiety, prevent the stress response compromising your immune system, rebalance your emotional wellbeing and help you gain courage and confidence to move forward even during challenging times of uncertainty in your personal or business life.

The Secret to Working From Home Successfully

Old unwanted patterns and potential pitfalls can turn working from home into an unproductive nightmare. This SEC film will form new positive beliefs and habits based on positive psychology, best practices, and proven tips by experts for working remotely to assist with productivity, accountability, regaining work life balance, improved health & wellbeing, stress reduction and working from home successfully. This SEC film will help anyone who is either temporarily working from home, a start-up business or already running a business from home.

The Secret to Effective Leadership

In many businesses, everyone understands the importance of leadership, structure, strategy, and culture, but too often businesses work on improving each of these as if they existed in their own silo. In reality, leadership, structure, strategy, and culture are interdependent and must align toward common goals for maximum effectiveness. This SEC film enables an intrinsic transition from self-focus “Me” culture (everybody or department for themselves mindset) to a “We” culture, a mindset necessary to building a healthy and effective leadership culture.

The Secret to Health & Wellbeing

Gain within weeks, renewed abundance of energy, vitality and radiant health with a strong mind and body to move through the day with ease and joy. The SEC Film ‘The Secret to Health and Wellbeing’ is designed to reduce your stress and anxiety, instill good wellness practices, balance your work to recover from or avoid burnout and help you live a meaningful, healthy and happy life. This neuro accelerated brain training product is the perfect tool to overcome any negativity, limiting beliefs and bad habits without the need for willpower. It can be used for the purpose of self-regulation to prevent burnout, mental or physical illness and/or chronic disease.

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