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SEC Films - The New Brain Training Method

The SEC (Self-Empowerment Cinematography) films are cognitive, self-empowerment digital brain retraining tools.

The SEC films are a newly developed brain retraining technique that can help you overcome your obstacles in the long term and help rewire your brain respond to situations and opportunities in a more positive way.

The tools used in SEC films, as outlined in the theory of Neuroplasticity, help retrain and reprogram the brains subconscious and automatic response. This training is accomplished by brain exercise and cognitive therapy, through the use of downloadable digital videos with embedded affirmations.

SEC Film's Concept

Each day, individuals take a few minutes to watch a specific SEC film (self-empowerment video) that helps to re-establish a positive role or outlook to improve their lives. The negative and unwanted beliefs and perceptions that are holding them back can be overwritten with a new, healthy, and positive response to increase happiness and success.

Just like any other muscle and exercise, the parts of our brain we use regularly can become stronger, while the parts we don’t use gradually weaken.

The applied cognitive training and exposure therapy in the SEC films are aimed at desensitizing fear and anxiety, avoiding self-sabotage, increasing cognitive performance, and strengthening your activation and motivation centres.

Whether used independently or Integrated into coaching programs or therapy, the SEC film brain training method is a simple and effective way to induce neuroplastic changes within weeks.

The Brain Can Change And That Changes Everything

Use Your Powers Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) Film Technology is Changing Thousands of Lives Across the World

Regain control of your life with the SEC film technology to

And much much more

SEC Film Training Of Different Areas Include

Goal Attainment/Success Personal and Business
Personal and Professional Development
Finance and Wealth Building
Sport and other

Transform Your Life

The SEC film technology is a unique neuro-accelerated method designed to train your brain. It uses audio/visual technology and sensory immersion to establish a positive automatic response within the brain. This brain training is accomplished by brain exercise and cognitive & exposure therapy through the use a thoroughly tested visualization technique in form of a video clip with embedded positive affirmations.

Many of the available SEC films have been co-produced with relevant industry experts, coaches, clinicians and doctors, available as self-help tools or to complement existing sports, success and wealth building coaching programs and applied health & wellbeing methods.

Passion, Vision and Legacy

My name is Regina Rowlison, founder of Use Your Powers

I experienced many years ago the power of the human mind when recovering from a personal, family, and financial crisis, brought on by the GFC.  Coping with major challenges and bouncing back from setbacks is not easy.

I discovered how to rapidly dissolve fear & anxiety, rebuild confidence, eliminate negative emotions & self-limiting beliefs, increase goal attainment and regain happiness.

This platform is the culmination of my rigorous journey and research over the last decade which led me to collaborations with experts to provide additional real and powerful tools that work in every area of your life.

Further research and evidence-based testing of SEC films for specific health applications continue to provide alternative or complementary solutions.

You can apply these powerful SEC films TODAY, turbocharging your personal and professional transformation, the key to a more fulfilling, happier, healthier, and extraordinary life.

SEC Films Method


Consistent & Safe



No Willpower

Cost Effective

Your Extraordinary Life Begins Here

Your better life begins where EVERYTHING in your life begins: With your brain.

Use Your Powers retrains your brain and gives you all the benefits of profound, long-term brain training, 10x times faster, at the touch of a button.

Master all areas of an Extraordinary Life

Access cutting-edge brain technology to turbo-charge your personal and professional development at the touch of a button

Find better and faster ways to maintain optimal health, achieve your goals, eliminate fear & anxiety and much much more

Coproducers and Experts

I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Regina and develop a SEC film to help people overcome Dental Phobia. Regina is at the forefront of this field, utilizing simple and effective methods to induce neuroplastic changes to help people overcome their self-limiting subconscious beliefs.​

Regina is a passionate innovator. Her SEC films are ahead of the curve and will surely make a massive impact on individual wellness.​

With the new developments with technology i wanted to provide greater value to my players and coaches. Meeting Regina and then using for myself to fully understand this simple and effective tool was a no brainer to collaborate and help further the development in the sports arena. Regina is very open and willing to help others succeed with the development of the SEC films. Regina has a product that is changing the way we develop mentally, physically and emotionally.​

I love Regina’s work!

Her SEC film became my key to change. Put simply, the SEC film allows you to rewrite your brain’s instructions and response to fear.

Dr Robyn Cooke M.D.

“See It! Say It! Do It! We all know that Affirmations work, if they are done right. When is the last time you made them work for you? Declaring your intentions is only a part of the equation. If you really want to ramp up your results, try adding visualization to your practice. This is where, my friend and colleague, Regina Rowlison’s SEC Films can help you…​

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